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Download the Ixquick Deskbar

Ixquick Deskbar

If you are a Windows user, you can also attach an Ixquick search bar to the Windows taskbar, at the bottom of your screen. With the Ixquick Deskbar, even when you are not browsing the Web, Ixquick's powerful metasearch is just a click away.

InstallBy downloading the Ixquick Deskbar, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Instructions (if nothing happens...)

Download the Ixquick Toolbar

Adding the Ixquick toolbar to your browser makes power searching faster and easier. It's free and easy to install.

Ixquick Toolbar

With the Ixquick toolbar, you can instantly metasearch the Web, find pictures, look up phone numbers and addresses worldwide, even find out who called with just a phone number, no matter which site you're surfing.

Searching for information on a particular website? Use the Ixquick toolbar's Search This Site button to find the page you've been searching for.

The toolbar offers handy extras too: it lets you search through any website and its magnification buttons let you enlarge or reduce any webpage to make it more readable. And for fun, you can spice up your emails with smileys: choose from hundreds of large smiley emoticons to insert into almost any Web-based email.

Click on the arrow next to Ixquick's logo to customize your toolbar search, by switching languages or customizing the "settings" options.

Install By downloading the Ixquick Toolbar, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Instructions (if nothing happens...)

System Requirements

Toolbar: Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows 2000 or higher)
        Firefox (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
Deskbar: Windows 2000, XP

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